A new era begins

Yesterday, (Tuesday), I had a run from home, here in Grantham to an appointment with a yacht broker to view this little beauty in Port Solent, That’s Portsmouth for those who have no idea where Port Solent is.

Any way, to shorten this story a little, I agreed a price with the vendor and paid the deposit to the broker. Of course this is all “subject to survey” naturally.

And thats where the fun really starts, The boatyard could only facilitate a lift out for the survey on 1st, 9th or 10th of June, which is really annoying as i was hoping to get this all done and dusted while Shelagh was on holiday for the week, the week before. Oh well, thats life. So, having spoken to a whole bunch of marine surveyors in the not quite local area and the local area it now happens that the pre-purchase survey will happen on 10th June.

For those who want to know she’s a Bilge keel Sadler 29 of 1981 vintage, she’s showing her age too.

To be fair, she doesn’t appear to be in too bad a condition, but obviously the survey could throw up anything. The cabin was clean and as dry as could be expected, certainly curtains and cushions did not feel damp. Neither did there appear to be any damp patches or rotting wood inside. I think the gas cooker has seen better days, but then i’m not planning on having Gas on board anyway.

The V berth is probably going to cause me a problem but the berths in the cabin are always an option, although I suspect that Shelagh isn’t going to go for that idea.

So, now I sit back and wait for the phone call on 10th with the good news (or bad, depending if you traditionally look at the bleak side of life).

Here’s hoping.

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