About FreedomAfloat

Hi there and welcome. Here’s a little about freedomafloat, the boat and its owner.

I’m Tony, and my (new) plan is to sail away and forget the day-to-day drudgery of life, find and visit new cultures, the sun and a little peace. I’ll be disposing of virtually everything I have, upgrading the boat, and then sailing around the UK before heading south to warmer climes. Hopefully, I’ll also be documenting my journey in video and here on my blog. 

About Pleinair

about freedomafloat
Pleinair the day I bought her.

Pleinair is a Sadler 29 of 1981/2 vintage. From what I can see I am her sixth owner. She was purchased by me, in April 2015 and has spent the first couple of years of my ownership sailing around the east coast of England based on the River Crouch, at North Fambridge in Essex. During this time I was working as a full-time truck driver so very little was done, other than the annual haulout for winter.

Back in July 2018 I had her hauled out into the yard and spent a couple of years doing various jobs, one of which was to completely strip the hull and give her an osmosis treatment. Due to the arrival of covid, my loss of employment and changes in my domestic and financial circumstances that job is still ongoing after 4 years.

I’ve now given myself a new target, to have SV Pleinair back in the water for March/April 2023 and ready to start the big adventure.

About the Crew

me in my thirties
If only I looked like this now!!

I’m now in my early sixties and have spent 35 years as a truck driver and a further 3 years as a self-employed courier. As a youngster, I joined the Sea cadets in Reading, where I learnt to sail on the upper reaches of the River Thames. I never sailed again until I bought Pleainair in 2015. I learnt quite a few boaty things from my father who was ex-RAF Marine Division. He ran his own boat from Langstone Harbour on the south coast of England, taking fishing parties out at weekends.

I spent a short period in the Royal Navy before going on the road as a driver. I also went back to the sea cadets as an instructor for a few years. I now live in Essex and am planning my new journey whilst attempting to do some major works on Pleinair. I wouldn’t say shes been neglected over the last few years but, she definitely needs some real TLC now. Jobs include an osmosis treatment, a full rewire, topsides paint and some grp repairs. The full list of jobs is available in my log, here.