Skippers pov day 2

Quick update

Pleinair was relaunched early this morning,  so early we’d only had time for one coffee

Happily the engine started and ran well as we motored round to her berth.  Breakfast ashore was followed by a sort out below decks then it was off to the chandlers for a new line for the mainsail clew outhaul and a few other bits

I’d finally worked out what was wrong with the outhaul setup. The existing line was too thick to be correctly rigged! With a length of 8 mm instead of 10mm we could set it up properly

Unfortunately, our cunning plan to fit the new tiller pilot didn’t work. We can do without it. (The needed Simrad accessory is not in stock locally and a cunning bodge hasn’t been found yet)

The mass of lines at the mast foot were identified. Then we unfurled the genoa, furled it again then set about bending on the mainsail.

A final sort out and we were ready to set off to the fuel berth. Getting alongside caused some fun. Pleinair’s bows blow off to leeward much more than on Erbas

We sorted it out, fueled up and locked out. There was a stiff breeze and a bit of a chop but no drama. We wanted to test the engine hard and charge the flat domestic battery too so we motored down the harbour

We rafted up to our friends boat “Surabaya Girl” for a welcome coffee before heading on to Haslar marina for the night

Whilst Tony went to the office,  I engaged engineer mode and quickly ascertained that the domestic battery is dead. Disconnecting it and cross linking the domestic systems to the engine battery brought everything to life. A quick charge test have the desired result

We’ll have to watch we don’t flatten it during the day but we can cope on the one battery

Then it was pub grub and now bed

We head East in the morning

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