Today’s the day, pre-delivery Day 2

Today started off pretty much like all normal days, up before the crack of sparrow parp. Rather surprisingly I slept pretty well once I’d got used to the noise coming from outside.

Two coffees and I made a start on sorting the kit I’d brought with me, weather didn’t look to good so I got on with installing the AIS Transciever, a quick phone call later in the day confirmed it was doing what was expected. Unfortunately it now means that you’ll be able to see us coming before we get there. In theory, at least. Of course I could just put it into stealth mode, then you’ll never know.

One job down only half a dozen to go. Next was the new chart plotter, this has only had a temporary install for the benefit of the delivery trip, I discovered during the AIS unit install that the cupboard near the chart table needs a complete sort out so this will get done at a later date when there’s more available time.

The tiller pilot is proving to be a pain and I suspect that here again there is going to be a temporary solution for the remainder of the season. Well I have managed to get power to it, it’s just the mounting location that’s a pain. If I coul get the necessary bits from the big chandlery that’s 400 yards away it would be easy.

A run to the local supermarket has procured food and beer (#1 beer store loaded. #1 reserve beer store is partly loaded. And there’s half a pig in the cool box. The oil lamp is burning away happily on the saloon bulkhead and I’m debating a small shot of Jura to while away the evening. Hmm! Nope must resist, I must resist, I must, oh go on then.

Tomorrow is going to be a quick finish off here then drive up to Fambridge, meet Bruce and abandon the van and head for the station to get the train back down. PLEINAIR, goes back in the water at 08:00 Monday morning, and then it’s down to the delivery skipper.

Must say, the port sofa is rather comfy,

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