Today’s the day, pre-delivery Day 3

Pretty much a day of little progression, woke up at half three, and I mean woke up, so made coffee and had a walk around the marina. Fitted the switch designated for stealth mode, had several cups of coffee more then drove to Fambridge to meet up with Bruce. While I was there I made a quick visit to the chandlers at BYH which turned into a wasted trip.

14:30 saw us both on the train heading back to Port Solent, this journey included four changes, at Wickford, London Stratford, London Waterloo, and then Fratton. The latter change amused us as we got off a London Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour train to then, six minutes later get on a Portsmouth Harbour to London Waterloo train. This one though apparently went via Basingstoke and therefore stopped at Cosham. We jumped straight in a waiting taxi and we’re back at Pleinair by 19:00.

Bru was then introduced briefly to the boat after which it was time for beer and food in the local Wetherspoons, a coffee and chat on board, and retiring for the night.

I’ve included a picture for Lindsays benefit, which I described in a face book post as a gin palace. Taken to show what was moored where “lively lady” should have been.

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