Up and Under

Under the starboard side before picture
A partially scraped bottom
over the stern a new solar arch takes shape
A partially built solar arch

Its taken me a few visits but over the past few weeks of Pleinair being in the yard, I’ve been getting mucky underneath, and designing and installing a new solar arch, which is why its Up and Under.

As can be seen in the photo, its completely supported on the push pit rails, thus allowing me to remove it rapidly by removing the clamps, should I ever need too.

My plan is to house three 80 watt panels up there giving me a total of 240 watts, its possible that this may end up being just short of my needs but we’ll see, If need be I can always add another MPPT controller and up the panel size.

As for the underneath, well its scrape it back to the initial gel shield (at least I think that’s what it is), sort a couple of small issues underneath and apply a complete new epoxy layer before re-antifouling the whole underside. I’ve also completely removed the rudder as this also requires some attention.

Not much other news really at this point. So here’s a couple of pictures of progress.

under the starboard side view from the stern. Still partially scraped
Still partially scraped
up on the stern a partially built solar arch takes shape and is almost finished
Incomplete, but almost there.



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